How does LimouRATE work?

LimouRATE is a professional cloud based tool
for managing and sharing rates and rate tables.

Join the unique network !

IN farming
limo operators

Be listed at the global network.
Independent from the reservation system you use.

Provide your rates to old and new clients.
24/7/365, digital, online cludbased.

Showcase your company, team and fleet at its best.

Gain access to the uniqe network !

OUT farming
limo operators

Get acess to the affiliate rates of the network members.
No matter which reservation system they use.

Get correct and current rates.
24/7/365 digitaly, online, cloudbased.

Get the rates from old and new affiliates at any time and without any maintenance effort.

LimouRATE is the universal rate engine
to simplify your affiliate business.

LimouRATE is the universal rate engine to simplify your affiliate business!

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Simplifying your affiliate business

LimouRATE is the solution to these challenges:

Farming IN

Responding rate enquiries means:

No waste of time by responding enquiries that are not accepted!

Farming OUT

You need an affiliate rate:

Don´t waste time with complicated and incalculable responses to rate inquiries made by phone or mail.

Pricing models

Many different ways and methods of calculating a rate!

The combination of these possibilities results in an infinite number of price models.
LimouRATE is designed to cover all possibilities.
As the leading software supplier for the European based limo industry, we are able to find solutions for all circumstances.

Examples for pricing models

Example #1

Mileage based

Flat rates:
Flat #1: 0 to 30 km/miles
Flat #2: 30 to 50 km/miles
Flat #3: 50 to 70 km/miles

Dynamic rate:
If the distance is greater than 70 km/miles:
Amount multiplied by the distance in kilometers/miles

Example #2

Hourly based

  • Rate per started hour
  • 20 km/miles per hour included
  • Minimum booking period 2 hours
  • Rate per additional km/mile

Example #3

Transfer / A2B

Flat rates i.e. from:

  • city A to city B
  • airport to downtown
  • one part of town (i.e. Brooklyn) to another (i.e. Manhattan)

Areas for Pick up / Drop off
locations can be defined by:

  • ZIP-areas
  • GPS coordinate + radius
  • Names (cities and many quaters/districts)

Example #4

Combination mileage + hourly

Mileage based flat rates:
Flat #1: 0 to 30 km/miles
Flat #2: 30 to 50 km/miles
Flat #3: 50 to 70 km/miles

If the distance is greater than 70 km/miles, the rate is based on the duration.

  • Rate per started hour
  • 20 km/miles per hour included
  • Minimum booking period 2 hours
  • Rate per additional km/mile

Special LimouRATE advantage:
If the available pricing models do not meet the company´s needs, we support creating an individualized solution!

Get connectet

Join the LimouRATE Network!

Sharing a rate table and presenting your company to the growing LimouRATE community is free of charge!

Three steps to join LimouRATE

Create your LimouRATE account

Try LimouRATE without any risk! The basic account is free of charge.

Send us your rate sheet

2S will implement your rate table.

Share your rates

Provide your rates to your clients and affiliates. Make your current rates available 24/7/365.

Bottom Line

Farming IN

Responding to rate requests from other limo operators or agencies is consuming a significant part of your working time.

Being available for fast responses is time-consuming and a waste of resources and money.

When making any booking changes, clients are unable to recalculate rates.

Enter your individual method of rate calculation once at LimouRATE

Create different rate tables and share the matching table with the client.

Invite your clients to calculate rates by themselves. If your clients are connected to GNet, they are enabled to reqest rates directly through their booking system.

If rate methods and rate tables were recorded once at LimouRATE, all clients can be enabled to calculate rates based on the individual client rate table. Anytime, anywhere. No matter, if your office is busy or not.

Amendments have to be recorded only once at LimouRATE and are available in real time for all clients.

LimouRATE can be accessed via an API by your booking system. Ask your Software supplier to get in conatct with us (Not necessary, if your system is already connected to GNet).

Farming OUT

Requests (emails/calls) for affiliate rates take too much time!

Reaction time becomes vital for a succesful and timely quote!

Bookings and clients get lost if there is a delay between request and offer

Different ways of calculating rates are needlessly complicating your business!

Via LimouRATE you get an one-click access to all actual rates of your affiliates

Based on the individual method of calculating rates – exactly for the requested job – selected by your affiliate

Considering any type of surcharge, fees or “seasonal” rates (i.e. during fair times) It´s amazing!

Affiliate rates one demand with one click – NO DELAY

All rates are based on the individual calculation method of your affiliate – no matter how you and your booking system are used to calculating.

If you are connected to GNet: If your booking system enables you to send data via GNet (i.e. Livery Coach, Fasttrak, Hudson, LimouERP) you can send the rate request easily through your booking system. Followed up by the booking, if your affiliate is also a GNet member.

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