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LimouRATE users form a global network of operators that make their rates available digitally.

Members of the network are completely free to decide with which operators they want to share their rates.

The LimouRATE network helps to quickly and easily find partners in all locations around the world.

Through the LimouRATE network, current rates from affiliates can always be requested without delay.

The LimouRATE network includes only operators that conduct business at the highest technological level.

Through the LimouRATE network, current rates can be made available to affiliates in real time, without consuming human resources.

LimouRATE is integrated  with GNet.

GNet is a global connectivity platform that unites ground transportation companies by integrating the industry’s leading dispatch systems.

Operators whose reservation system is connected to GNet can access the rates of their affiliates in the LimouRATE network directly from their own system.

LimouRATE users who also have a GNet account can present their company to the complete GNet network via the company profile in LimouRATE.

LimouRATE and GNet: The perfect combination!

Introduce your company:

  • The staff
  • The services
  • The regions served
  • The vehicles
  • And everything that makes your company special.

Connected affiliates can view the rates shared with them in this profile.

The LimouRATE profile is visible in GNet for all GNet members.

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